How to Connect SLES 10 to a Free NAS iSCSI Server

This How To will give you a guide on how to connect a Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 (SLES) to a Free NAS Server ,using iSCSI.
It is assumed that you have built and configured a Free NAS Server with working iSCSI Targets as detailed in the previous How To on creating a VMware of Free NAS

Install the iSCSI Initiator Package in SLES


Using the Software Management function in YAST add the iSCSI Initiator packages to your system.
Don’t forget to autocheck package dependencies.

Configure the iSCSI Initiator to connect to your Free NAS server


Once you have installed the iSCSI initiator packages it needs to be configured to connect to your iSCSI target in Free NAS
Fire up YAST and go to the Miscellaneous section where you will see iSCSI Initiator.
Launch iSCSI Initiator

Set the iSCSI Initiator Service to start when booting


Once the iSCSi Initiator GUI has launched on the first Tab set the Service Start to when booting

Add the iSCSI target


One the second Tab of the iSCSI Initiator you now need to input the Free NAS Target
Go to the Connected Targets Tab and click add
Input the IP address of your Free NAS Server and leave the TCP Port as the Default
For Free NAS keep the No Authentication Check box in place.
Click Next and the GUI will return to the previous screen with your target attached

Establish Target Connection


Once your new Target has been added Click Connect and in the next screen keep No Authentication checked
Click Next
You should now return to the screen that shows the list of iSCSI Targets and the one you just added should have a status of connected.
Click Next again to return to the main iSCSi initiator Screen


Change Startup


In the iSCSI Initiator GUI on the Connected Targets Tab Toggle startup to automatic by clicking the Toggle Startup button.
Click Finish.

Adding the iSCSI Target to the Linux File system


The next step is to add the newly added iSCSI target to the Linux File system using the YAST tool Partitioner
From YAST launch Partitioner from the system section.
In this screen you should see your iSCSI targets under the /dev/sdb and /dev/sdd devices in my example above
You next need to create a Linux Partition based on your iSCSI target and then assign it a mount point



Creating the Linux Partition and assigning a mount point Part One


Next Click the Create Button to convert Disk to Partition
Choose the relevant device for example /dev/sdd in my example
Click OK and Choose Primary Partition and then OK again

Creating the Linux Partition and assigning a mount point Part Two


You now need to format the newly created partition and set a mount-point
In my case I am using a mount point of /freenas
Click OK to return to the main Partitioner screen and don’t forget to click Apply
A pop up will appear asking if you really want to make the changes and choose apply
It will then return to the main partitioner screen where you should see your new mount point
If everything is ok Click Quit to finish
Close YAST

Check the new Mount-point


Now go to terminal and check that the new mount-point exists and is writeable
cd into your new mount-point and test it is writeable by touching a file there.
Well done you have successfully completed this How To !!!!!!


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