How to Setup a Test LDAPS Bind using Softerra LDAP Browser

This lesson will show you how to configure Softerra’s LDAP browser to communicate with Active Directory over a secure LDAP connection for testing purposes

Ensure your Active Directory Server has a certificate in place

Check that your Active Directory Server will allow LDAPS connections

Export the LDAPS Certificates using the Netscape v4 Browser

Download and install the Netscape web browser version 4.x. Note that it’s vital to use version 4.x – later version like 5+ or Firefox use newer certificate store format which is incompatible with the version used by LDAP Browser 2.x.
Run the Netscape browser.

Open URL: https://yourserver:sslport/, where:

yourserver – Your LDAP server address, provided it is an IP or host name. For example: or
sslport – A TCPIP port number used by your server to accept SSL connections. Usually this port number is 636.

You’ll see the Netscape Certificate Name Check window. Follow the instructions provided there and accept the server certificate for this and future sessions.

Close the Netscape browser
Copy the key3.db and cert7.db files from the Netscape user profile directory to the LDAP Administrator or LDAP Browser root directory overwriting the existing files.

Modify Your LDAP Browser Connection Profile


Restart LDAP Administrator or LDAP Browser.
* Open the server profile.
* Change Port number at the General tab. Press Apply.
* Check the Try to use SSL box at the LDAP Settings tab. Press Apply.
* Press OK

Check you can bind successfully over LDAPS